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High-intensity period training likewise recognized as HIIT, is a training method where you train at a hundred percent initiative in fast intense bursts of exercise, complied with by short recuperation durations. HIIT training is taken into consideration to be a lot more effective compared to regular cardio since the strength of the exercise is higher and because you are able to enhance both your aerobic as well as anaerobic endurance while burning more fat that you would with a regular workout. HIIT exercises obtain as well as keep your heart rate up and also melt more fat in less time. A HIIT workout could offer you a metabolism increase to around Two Days after completing the HIIT routine. This indicates that you will certainly still be burning fat after you have left the gym.

Try this HIIT workout:

Complete circuit one 3 times in a row and rest for one min. Move on to the 2nd circuit and complete it three times. If you are up for it, complete the whole exercise twice. You will feel the burn.


Circuit one x3

15 reps Jump squats

15 reps suqats

24 walking lunges (12 per leg)

24 Knee ups into a bench (12 each leg)

Rest 1 minute

Circuit two x3

40 mountain climbers (20 each leg)

24 burpees

15 push ups

30 sit ups with a twist

Rest 1 minute

Do a second round.

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