Australian born Lita Lewis is a physical fitness model, personal trainer, and marketer of being “Thick and also Fit”. She first began her fitness journey when she was only 5 years old with sports, football, as well as track and also field.

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However, the self announced “tomboy” wearied with physical fitness, as well as her health and wellness, after experiencing a poor split. These hard times influenced her total well-being to a point where she couldn’t acknowledge her own face in the mirror.

This compelled Lita to alter her life around – with a brand-new found power, she went into the fitness center and created an effective body, and mind.

Since the beginning of her journey right into health and fitness, she’s come to be a leading duty design for ladies anywhere who battle with finding the equilibrium between physical fitness, and health. She remains to promote her viewpoint throughout the world on social networks and individual training. Lita is the embodiment of a “Strong and Fit” athlete.

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