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Boxers have several of the most incredible physiques! They have the excellent quantity of muscular tissue with incredible meaning. So it would only make feeling to incorporate boxing training into your arsenal.

Once you get excellent at hitting the bag, after that you’re just plain bad ass! Ever see a huge body builder shot and hit the bag and usage horrible kind with no power? I have, it’s pathetic. Don’t resemble that guy. Discover how to punch appropriately – it’s one point that every real guy ought to know the best ways to do.

The 5 Factors You Ought to Include Heavy Bag Training

1. It’s very fun and also pleasing – Absolutely nothing like hitting the bag to blow off some steam

2. It’s excellent to do on your rest days for some additional activity

3. You obtain to work with your fighting abilities while exercising – Exactly how sweet is that?

4. If you do a lot of toughness training it shows you to use that ‘gym’ strength into your punches

5. Great Core Exercise – Hitting the bag is an outstanding core workout because much of your boxing electrical power is created from your core

You Need To Learn This First

Before you also think of striking the bag, it’s vital to discover appropriate stance as well as foot-work.

Here is a video that will reveal you appropriate position, footwork, punches as well as combinations:


  • Right Handed People will certainly have Left Foot Forward
  • Left Handed People or South Paws will have Right Foot Forward
  • When relocating forward push off the back foot
  • When returning push off the front foot
  • When relocating left – left foot moves first
  • When moving right – best foot actions first
  • Make sure to remain on the rounds of your feet


  • Jab
  • Cross
  • Left and Right Hook
  • Left and Right Uppercut


  • Jab Cross
  • Jab Cross Hook
  • Jab Cross Hook Cross
  • Cross Hook Cross
  • Hook Cross Hook
  • Cross Uppercut Cross

Note – You can blend up the degrees to shake off your opponent. Ex: Cross to going, Linked to body, Cross to head.

This Is The Ultimate Heavy Bag Workout

This video clip shows you how to do the ultimate heavy bag workout.

Warm-up: 5 minutes of shadow boxing

The Workout – 1 minute boxing on the heavy bag/ 30 seconds rest – Complete 10x for a total amount of 15 minutes

Round 1 – This round take it very easy, concentrate on tossing the jab – assume stick and also move

Round 2 – This round pick up the speed a bit and also deal with throwing your Jab Cross – keep relocating (claim you have a challenger that could punch back)

Round 3 – This round your visiting include all of your combinations yet focus on speed – don’t stress over power

Round 4 – This round your visiting incorporate all your combinations yet this time around your focus is on power – don’t stress over speed

Round 5 – This round your going to concentrate on rate as well as power

Round 6-10 – These rounds you intend to mess around as well as focus on sticking and also proposing the initial 45 secs – the last 15 seconds freak out (don’t bother with strategy merely try and kill the very heavy bag

Cool-down – Complete off with 5 mins of light darkness boxing to cool down down.

How To Include This Workout Into Your Routine?

Option 1 – Do this exercise after your stamina training workouts.

Option 2 – Do this workout by itself if you’re limited on time.

Option 3 – Do this exercise on among your rest days.