Trent took his physique to godlike degree after simply a couple of months of adhering to the Greek God Program as well as even created a whole new expectation on life!

Currently, he is running his own site,, but I wanted him to share his incredible health and fitness trip with you today!

Hope you enjoy it…

Exclusive Tips on The best ways to get Jacked in 2016

Hi everyone… It’s Trent 🙂

I intend to give a huge thanks to Greg for inviting me to Kinobody – it’s an outright honor!

I also desired to take this post in a different direction, because I’m sure you’re tired of listening to the exact same features of creating muscle mass:

  • Eat enough…
  • Train properly…
  • Push yourself…
  • Sleep enough…
  • Track your progress…

You got that kind of things down right?

The objective below is to offer you some understanding on what to do to last lengthy enough on your journey and in fact see impressive results.

To have an effective health and fitness change, you need 2 important things …

1.) The Decision

2.) The Right Program

I think the word “decision” and the act of “deciding‘ is being extensively misused nowadays.

People get caught up “deciding‘ exactly what they’re going to eat for dinner, or what garments they’re visiting use today.

Those are just choices.

( … Now this is also going to be linked with your reason ‘why’ and also we’ll obtain to that in a moment.)

But the way I watch decisions has actually substantially impacted my life and also is the number one driver behind my fitness transformation.

I made the choice to transform the method my body looked and also felt.

There was no turning back.

I dived in, and also melted the ships when I arrived, so to speak.

No issue what, I would discover a means as well as never ever provide up.

That, tied with your reason “why” gives you power.

Power over your feelings, actions, and aids you establish the commitment to adhere to the plan enough time to see results.

Are you ready to make 2016 your best year yet as well as crush your physical fitness goals?

I motivate you to gather a bunch of factors as to why you wish to make the change.

For me, just placing on some muscle mass to look much better and not feel so damn skinny was definitely a massive component of it.

(120lbs at 6 feet tall is not a lovely site haha, )

But I needed to keep browsing deeper.

And actually bring things to the surface, such as:

Not wishing to obtain bullied and also teased …

Getting girls interest, and keeping them from merely sneering away from me …

Feeling more like a man…

Proving to my parents that I had not been on medicines or have some sort of eating condition (lol … Seriously!)

I think you get the idea.
Don’ t hesitate to maintain excavating deeper and deeper for that core reason “why.”

My Best Tips

work out plans

Fitness has actually altered my life enormously. I believe that’s additionally because I actually obtained results.

I desired to share my best tips, so you as well can experience similar success.

Follow Your Program

When I located Kinobody, I rapidly recognized that Greg had what I wanted.

The muscles, strength, and also the overview he has on fitness.

So every little thing the Greek God Program told me to do. I did.

There had not been a day that went by where I really did not go back into the program making certain I comprehended just what I was doing.

I was done surfing the Net for different ‘secrets‘, programs that supplied something cooler or results quicker, or also examines on the program.

I wanted outcomes like Greg, so I trusted it and also neglected everything else.

This then led me to recognizing why I was doing everythings in the first place.
(Like focusing on Reverse Pyramid Training and certain key exercises to construct the proper percentages on my body.)

You shouldn’t just be ‘strolling through’ your program.
Take the little time to in fact comprehend why you’re doing certain everythings in the initial area then placed all of your efforts right into it.

I made the decision to follow the program to its whole as well as base my following actions off the outcomes I obtained two months later.

It’s so essential to remain constant enough time to obtain some kind of result. You could then judge it, whether it’s functioning or not.

Believe You Can

If I never had a sense of idea in myself or just what I was doing, after that I would certainly have remained scrawny and weak.

(I recognize, it appears strange initially … )

But you need to begin shaping your self photo into the individual you intend to become.

It truly reaches me when I listen to men grumbling about exactly how weak they are or how bad their genetics are, or something along those lines.

We’re all dealing with various battles.

What issues most is, if you turn up for the battle or remain in the exact same location you don’t wish to be in.

Each as well as every day, go after it! Imagine yourself as that big as well as strong person that could throw the weights around and also keep their nutrition called in.

You’ll soon become it.

Find the Foods That Job as well as Keep them

Being a normally skinny individual, nourishment is the hardest part for me.
( … This suggestion likewise connects having our very own battles to fight.)

I recognized to make a change like I did, I needed sufficient food every day haha.

Things were pretty tight at the time. I could not ask my parents. They were busting their butts sufficient just to keep a roofing system over our heads. I sure as hell really did not have the cash. And I’m not saying it’s very costly to eat ‘healthy‘ either. It’s just the scenario I remained in, you know?

What I did was, obtained a task at a restaurant. I rapidly made good friends with everybody and also this soon resulted in obtaining the high calorie dishes I required for free!

As well as making a little additional cash on the side.

The moral of that quick story is, after calling in the calories you require, do the most effective to fill your diet regimen with your favorite foods as well as ones that make hitting your calorie goals a breeze.

After you discover those, lock them in and also do what you require to do, to obtain it done.

You could have variety in your diet plan once you constructed some muscle.

I stuck to a lot more calorie dense foods to easily strike my surplus, and here are several of the foods that I consumed every day for 3 months right:

  • Steak
  • Eggs
  • Burgers
  • Pasta
  • Chicken Alfredo
  • Cheese Quesadillas
  • Granola
  • Yogurt
  • Peanuts
  • Whole Milk
  • Fruit and Veggies
  • Ice Cream or Chocolate

My diet ended up being uncomplicated since I recognized what to do every day to stay consistent.

And on the silver lining, you will not need to track your calories as often, because you’ll know exactly what you’re getting.

Closing Thoughts


The essences I want you to extract from this short article are:

1) Comply with something enough time to see results by completely committing on your own to it, maintaining an open mind, as well as also comprehending why you’re doing something.

2) Believe in yourself.

3) Quickly figure out exactly what you have to do as well as what jobs for you and also keep up it.

There’s something fantastic that occurs when you achieve your fitness goals.

I can not give thanks to Greg sufficient for exactly how much he’s affected my life.

So go out there and get yours!