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Who Is This Bilzerian guy? 


In this post I thinking of setting out the Dan Bilzerian Exercise and just how you can use it to develop a remarkable body. Yet initially, let me offer you a little history on Dan Bilzerian …

If you have not become aware of Dan Bilzerian, I will certainly now do you the fantastic pleasure. This person is the king of slashes – star, professional texas hold’em player, multi millionaire and of course, playboy. Oh you think I’m done, not also close! Gun addict, race vehicle driver, MMA boxer and also ex lover military … The checklist goes on!

This guy makes Tony Stark look elementary at finest. If I really did not understand any kind of better, I would certainly assume Bilzerian was some fictitious entity, something imaginary. Low and behold, the dude is actual, just examine out his Instagram account.

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Matter of fact, his over the leading lifestyle packed with lovely women, unique vehicles, James Bond like weaponry as well as adrenaline fueled events has actually claimed him worldwide fame.

Now you may be questioning why in gods green earth I am dedicating a Kinobody blog post to this man, well it’s straightforward. Blizerian lives among the most versatile and hedonistic way of lives while remaining in pretty damn good shape!

I’m even more of a have your cake and eat it as well kinda person. I do not ascribe to the concept that fitness should be some honorable sacrifice. Rather, I feel that a correctly executed health and fitness as well as nourishment program ought to improve your life greatly. After all, if you’re visiting build a physique of a god, then you damn sure better get to appreciate it, at-least in moderation.

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DAN BILZERIAN BODYbuilding routine

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By following the Dan Bilzerian exercise, you’ll finish up focusing greatly on chest, back as well as abs. These are the 3 areas where Blizerian has extremely strong growth. Shoulders, legs as well as arms must be offered much less concentrate and also attention.

I would certainly recommend hitting chest and back twice weekly with a mix of very heavy weight and also lengthy remainder durations as well as lightweight with brief rest durations. This will certainly maximize muscle development. For legs, shoulders and also arms I would certainly keep the quantity fairly reduced and simply concentrate on stamina job without the pump training.

The Dan Bilzerian workout is quite reliable to load on some solid muscle mass, however eventually you’ll desire to change equipments to bring up your shoulders as well as arms to maintain your body well balanced. Right here’s how I would develop the workout.


Barbell Bench Press: 3 collections RPT

Incline DB Bench Press: 3 collections RPT

Cable Rows: Rest Pause

Incline DB Curls: 3 sets RPT

Bent Over Flyes: Rest Pause


Barbell Squats: 3 sets RPT

Deadlifts: 1 set x 3-5 reps

Leg Extensions: 2 sets RPT

Leg Curls: 2 sets RPT

Calf Raises: Rest Pause


Seated DB Shoulder Press: 3 collections RPT

Weighted Pull ups: 3 sets RPT

Incline DB Flyes: Rest Pause

Rope Push Downs: Rest Pause

Lateral Raises: Rest Pause

Notes on the Dan Bilzerian Workout

RPT = Reverse Pyramid Training. Please see post on Reverse Pyramid Training

For Rest Pause please see article on Rest Time out Training

The dan bilzerian body

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Sure, Bilzerian’s body is not perfect but who cares! I’m a lot more satisfied by Bilzerian’s figure than that of an expert fitness design. Why? Well due to the fact that Bilzerian has a life beyond fitness, the majority of physical fitness versions and also natural bodybuilders, do not.

But as you can see, Bilzerian remains in pretty wonderful shape. He has really noticeable abdominals, great muscular tissue dimension and strong interpretation on the whole. Currently you may be thinking, exactly how does this individual celebration non stop, beverage like a seafarer and also look better compared to the majority of the men at your gym?

Well it’s specifically because Dan Bilzerian has actually been educating for most of his life. When you have actually been stamina training for over a years, you can hold an extremely strong degree of muscle mass. In reality, as long as you follow your exercises, it will be quite tough to shed this muscular tissue size.

In truth, you do not need to consume protein every two hours, live in the health club or vouch yourself off alcohol to create a dan bilzerian body. As long as you’re striking the health club hard a few days each week, entering sufficient nutrients throughout the day as well as working out some self control – you could enjoy yourself while obtaining in impressive physical condition.

And allowed’s not forget Bilzerian’s military and sporting activities history. This includes a major work values and high discomfort tolerance. I can only hypothesize that when Bilzerian strikes the health club, it’s an outright battle zone. The same attitude he offers the fitness center is what has actually pushed him to grow a way of living that normal culture can not wrap their heads around.

This Is All It Comes Down To


In fact, if I had to improve it to 4 words it would certainly be – work hard, party more difficult (or do both at the exact same time – see over picture). Now the genuine obstacle is preserving a reduced body fat. When you’re consuming out regularly as well as delighting in a lot of ‘materials’ it could be difficult to remain quite lean.

This is where things like recurring fasting can be extremely practical. However I have no confirmation that Bilzerian utilizes this diet regimen hack, at-least not intentionally. A lot more likely, Dan possibly is a moderately health mindful eater while at the exact same time really active. On top of that, he is unquestionably so soaked up in his fantastic lifestyle that food is simply a means to sustain himself.

When you’re with lovely ladies all the time, driving exotic autos, partying like a rockstar as well as blowing stuff up in the desert, food doesn’t offer much comfort. So it’s likely that he enjoys his costly meals but has little desire to eat way too much or brood regarding food all day.

That claimed, Dan doesn’t remain completely shredded at all times. He allowed’s his body fat percentage slip up to the mid to low teenagers. So my presumption is that he sometimes tightens up his diet regimen and training to look truly sharp.

What Kinobody Changes Can He Make?

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For Bilzerian to take his physique to the next level, the 2 locations he really should concentrate on are raising his delts and also losing weight his waist. If he was to do these two everythings he would certainly go from looking really strong to looking like a Greek god!

His shoulders are getting overpowered by his upper body. This is very common in a great deal of lifters due to the fact that a lot of instructors and fitness specialists have no idea ways to create programs that make best use of shoulder development. If I was going to personally trainer Bilzerian, I would have him reduce off the bench press and also flyes as well as concentrate a lot more on incline presses, very heavy expenses presses and high rep side raises.

This would offer Bilzerian a far more manly and also aesthetic aim to go along with that wonderful beard. Next off, I would certainly focus on alleviating off any exercises that are adding to a thick midsection. Squats, deads and also heavy side bends. I would certainly also concentrate on going down a few extra pounds of fat to bring the waistline in an inch approximately as well as generate more lower abdominals meaning. This additionally brings me to my last point.

Is It Feasible That Bilzerian Takes Steroids?

There are rumors flowing that Blizerian is no complete stranger to anabolic steroids and also growth hormonal agent. Now it’s really impossible to claim whether he ‘juices’ or otherwise, unless he comes out and freely confesses to it. Yet there are a few things in his support and also a couple of everythings that point to the opportunity of chemical enhancement.

Let’s consider possible reasons that Blizerian would certainly take steroids and/or development hormonal agent. He has no scarcity of cash, freely confesses to taking unlawful substances such as drug and events like an animal. I question he has any kind of ethical barriers in his means. Furthermore, he’s additionally in his early 30’s so his sex, medication and also adrenaline fueled life would certainly take advantage of enhanced levels of testosterone.

Furthermore, his thick, yet incredibly muscled midsection is a feasible indicator of efficiency boosting medicines. It’s uncommon to see an organic lifter with a waist that thick as well as muscle. That stated, it’s feasible that his genes and training have actually caused a quite thick as well as muscle core.

As for possible factors Blizerian is out steroids. Well he’s been educating for over a years, so he didn’t simply blow up with muscle mass out of nowhere. Also, his level of muscular tissue mass is totally possible naturally and his shoulders and also traps typically aren’t that well established. Using steroids has the tendency to motivate development in the shoulders and catches where anabolic receptors are quite high.

So I’m not visiting claim whether he is or isn’t really making use of medications. Yet just some things to remember. As a natural, I like to offer individuals the benefit of the uncertainty, but a lot of medication improved lifters would most likely beat the gun as well as say he definitely juices.

Living The Crazy Life Of Dan Bilzerian

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I have a bunch of regard for Dan! He’s living his life with a great deal of congruence as well as isn’t really bending under the social weight of the system that tells him just how he must act. Also, he imbues me with a sense of just what’s possible. Race auto driving, professional online poker, MMA, Acting. That’s a heck of a return to. He absolutely inspires me to get out of my comfort area and also learn new skills.

Blizerian lives without limitations, if he desires it, he should have it. Does that had a particular degree of conceit, hell yah. Yet he’s not masquerading around as being a ‘great man’. His Instagram account states it completely – Actor, Astronaut as well as Asshole.

And yes, Bilzerian’s life is light years beyond too much as well as I ‘d never to desire it for myself. I’m more of a simple person. The limitless quantity of ladies, vehicles, luxurious outings and also adrenalin sustained delights gets on an entire other level. And it makes you question just what is driving this man to such hedonism.

But one fact remains, appreciate your life. Work with your health and fitness as well as have some enjoyable also. Or even submerse yourself in brand-new abilities. Having 10 ferrari’s, spending hundreds of bucks on nights out at the club as well as being surrounded by loads of ladies in any way times is not cool.

But fraternizing your good friends, discovering new experiences and also submersing on your own in new skills is cool.