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Summer has actually ultimately shown up albeit with the weather dragging below in Finland. We wished to obtain you in the mood anyhow so we’ve added great deals of water sporting activities that you have to attempt over the next few months. Right here are our leading picks.

1. Stand-up Paddle BoardingĀ 

SUP has expanded in popularity over the last couple of years and also for those sun worshippers it is among the ideal ways to obtain an incredible tan. If you didn’t know already, SUP began in the surfers paradise of Hawaii. The only similarity is the form of the board. The method and also motion are quite various and with SUP your primary method of motion is with a paddle. It’s a fantastic activity in order to help improve your equilibrium and also therefore far better your core strength. It’s most definitely faster compared to it looks!


Arctic Surf Shop

Hakuna Matata SUP

2. Wakeboarding

A fusion of snowboarding and also water winter sports combined to provide a kickass adrenaline high. The board itself is a little larger compared to a snowboard as well as you either obtain towed by a boat or by cable. You can expect speeds of approximately 30mph/ 48kph which will appear also faster when you’re skimming across the surface of the water. When you get involved in the circulation, you’ll intend to try embarking on boxes and grinding on bars. The real fun starts when you get airtime!



3. Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is about natural wind power. The aim of the video game is to get as much air as feasible whilst remaining in control. Kiteboarding could be done ashore as well as sea which makes the task much more awesome. We suggest that you take the novices training course before leaping right into it.


JuJukas Kiteboarding

4. Kayaking